Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Virtus Training

Sister Harriet came to class Monday to explain to us the dangers of not noticing child predators in the schools we will one day be working in. She used the Virtus program to my class and this consisted of two videos. After viewing these videos the class shared how they felt and talked about proper ways of stopping horrible acts like the ones described in these videos.

These videos were pretty disturbing and alarming to watch, they showed pretty good detail of the feelings of the victims as well of as the feelings of the predators. Sometimes it was painful to watch mostly when they described doing the acts or in the victims case things that were done to them. What shocked me the most is that the accusers seemed to show no remorse for the crimes that they committed. The served time ruined lives and tore apart churches and families and they said given the choice they would do it over again. Personally I can not understand this but these people have problems and it is my responsibility while I am in schools to protect children from unhealthy people like the ones in these videos.

The at SU and Pen State are good examples of people not reacting properly to very important information that could help and protect many young children that predators have access to. I thing Joe Paterno really made a big mistake when he heard about this horrible abuse and sis not take the appropriate steps to make sure it was dealt with properly. I do not know about the SU problem as much as I do with Pen State but it defiantly shows that these issues can have a large impact nationally as well as on individuals.

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