Wednesday, January 25, 2012

St Mary's First Day!

So before observing for my first time I was very started to start working with kids in a real class room setting I have been waiting for that day for a long time. I was expecting some craziness but I discovered that it was a lot more hectic then I originality thought it was going to be. It was defiantly a good experience that I am looking forward to repeating.

As a whole St. Mary's after school program seemed very well organized, everyone seemed to know where and when the needed to be at places and with students. Students received lots of attention from my peers and the TAs it seemed to be a very good learning situation for everyone. The one thing that seemed to be  problem to me was that gym was a little over crowded. There was defiantly not enough space to have every one play the games they needed to in the gym but everyone had fun anyway.

Although I really enjoyed games like sharks and Minos and the parachute activities, what I enjoyed most was getting to know a fourth grader that was on the side for a concussion. Being that I had one recently I knew how bad it was to sit out and watch all of your friends sit on the side and have fun. I showed him how to roll a basket ball in his arms and her had fun learning that and although he took a while to open up  he seemed to have a good time which really made me happy.

Most of the older students had pretty well developed motor skills although some of the younger ones did not. This was such a good fun experience and I cant wait to do this the rest of the year!

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