Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Class!

With in the first few weeks of coming to Cortland I have herd about the P.E. class called 201, This class seemed to be empathized as one of the most important classes that I was going to need to take. I heard taking it with Professor Yang was more difficult if you were not skilled with technology which I am not, but realizing that the internet is one of the most important and growing ways to market your self to get a job when I graduate I took on the challenge.
When I got into this class I was happy and relived to find that two of my best friends along with some other friends were in the class and that if I needed could help explain things to me regarding the blogs and other issues I encounter. The first day we reviewed a lot of the class policy as well as what the teacher expected of us. He explained to us how to handle the children so we wouldn't get in trouble or be put in situations that made us uncomfortable.
 So far I like blogging about this class I feel like it is a good way to show my growth and progression as a P.E teacher, and I am looking forward to looking back and seeing this later on in my career.

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