Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Spring Break

My spring break was very nice I did not do very much but I got a very well needed break after a busy week that was exhausting. I mostly slept in, hung out with my family and played with my two golden retrievers. I did some home work and saw friends but one of the best things I did over break was go to my moms school and meet her life skills class in this class all of the students have disabilities, they all new me because my mom talks about me and my brother regularly in class. They all asked me about my dog Toby and asked me questions about school. We danced, played Kan Jam and talked during class it was a very good time!

Monday, March 5, 2012

My First Lab!

Due to me being sick and having SUNY Acts last week was my first real lab where I actually got to work with kids bring my game into a real classroom (aka Gym)! I was a little worried because I have herd stories from my friends about none of the kids playing their games. See the thing about St. Mary's is that all the kids have been in class all day before we have a chance to see them or work with them. So I have herd many stories of kids not participating when my peers attempted to bring in skills games, Doctor Yang commonly says "If you can make it in St. Mary's you can make it anywhere". I was still excited because I knew my game was fun and I made it even more exciting making the variation capture the flame, instead of capture the flag! The kids loved it the only problem is there were not many kids, my game was a big hit for the 6 kids that were there. Teachers hoped in and we made due and everyone had a really good time playing. Later when we debriefed the teachers talked about how the lab went and we thought we did well its just hard to teach when there are not really enough kids to be taught, so everyone had to make changes but I think it went really well and I really enjoyed it!

The GREAT DEBATE (P.E. style of course)

Let me start by saying this debate was a lot of fun. I'v never debated about something that was not politics related before and it was very nice to debate on a lighter but still important and very relevant subject to me. The Great Debate refers to a debate over a curriculum focus, this focus would either be on stick sports, life time sports, or skill based sports(my topic). The debate was set up so that the three groups would battle it out, each getting time foe an opening statement a short power point and a rebuttal against both then the "board" would decide who won the great debate and what would be taught in the curriculum. After all the battling and many good points were made on both sides the board awarded .....A TIE! between life time sports and skill based sports. The debate was streemed live as well as recorded for all to see on http://www.rockstarpe.org/ as well as tweeted about and recorded via a flip camera and note takers.