Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My first blog!

Blogs have always interested me, I have always wondered what blogs were and how they were used. Never did I ever intend on creating one to be perfectly honest, they never seemed to appeal to me as something I would enjoy doing in my free time as a general rule I have always tried to stay off the internet when I have spare time because I have always looked at it as a means of recreation that did not involve, getting up going out side and being physically active. I told my self it was better to go hangout with friends,surf, skate, ski, go exercise, learn a new instrument or how to cook new things or read new books. The idea behind this class of using blogging to enhance and share my skills a teacher seems to change all that around. Documenting my learning and growth seem like an effective way to use the internet to better my teaching as well as others.
  Over the winter session I was up at Cortland with the swim team for intersession. I am a diver who dives one and three meter. There were two a day practices a day  that kept me very busy but I did have just enough time to take an online psychology which will be helpful in becoming a teacher because teachers need to understand human behavior and how the mind works and I did need to take that class as well to graduate. So ending my first blog I would like to say this will be the first of many and I am excited to see how this new tool helps me reach my final goal of becoming a well rounded teacher!

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