Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lab 4

This was my first lab conducting a game for everyone else to assess. My game was Kermit Volley Ball which was basically newcomb, I was going to use this game to get the kids more interested because last lab they were not willing to participate and games that are more traditional seem to pull them in. This lab the students were actually very willing to participate to my surprise so my game that lack originality was not necessary. It did make it very easy for my peers to assess the children and the game went well and maintained their attention but if I new they were going to be that interested I would have chosen another game that kept every one more involved. I actually forgot to add the second ball which would have helped with this because I was making sure the kids passed to each other. The rest of lab was fun it was beautiful out and we went outside where I joined some tag, hide and seak games as well as playing Star Wars with some of the boys this was a lot of fun and reminded me of games I played back in elementary school when there was free time.
I also received some of the hardest high fives by a little girl that was more interested in handing out killer high fives then playing games with her peers.
OUCH!MY hand was not a fan of this so I showed her a better less bruise inducing high five. All and all I thought the kids were well behaved and that the lab went well for how nice it was outside.

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