Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter Lab!

The latest lab had to be the best lad yet! There were more St. Mary's students there then ever and they were very willing to play our games compared to normal. My group had pre k and they were outside on the playground which was very fun. The first thing I learned out there was that no matter where I am, I'm "it". It seemed as soon as I tagged a student the game would end another kid would run up to me and I would be it again for the next game. Outside I did have some success on putting together large scale playground games like sharks and minnows, sly fox, Simon says, and even the compliment game. Back in the gym things went even better as all the kids were into the games. My game was a mixture of musical chairs and hot potato. The kids had to move around to the music and pass a ball and when a music stopped if they had a ball they would have to pass it off then do 10 jumping jacks.
The lab went really well and the kids all seemed to have a good time!

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