Monday, February 20, 2012

Is Line Soccer over the Line?

The answer is yes, Line Soccer is defiantly a very common game in many elementary schools. I remember playing this game throughout elementary school in all different grades. The point of this game is to call out students numbers and have students on teams on opposite lines run out get the ball in the middle of the gym and have them run back and shoot on the opposition's goal with the other student attempting to defend him or her. This game is in The P.E. Hall of shame for a few reasons first it has minimal student participation time being that most students are sitting on the sidelines weighting for their numbers to be called I remember when playing this game itching to get out and play and only getting to play three or four times a class. Another problem is the humiliation factor for the slow or student that is not as developed as the kid they are competing against. Last it does not help a student develop good soccer skills students will just be rushing to get a shot off at the net so they do not look bad in front of their entire class. This why this Line Soccer should not be taught in the class room you can find this and other games in the P.E. Hall Of Shame here at

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